Jon Ball was born in Moscow, ID in 1973. He spent his youth riding his bike around the wilds of eastern Idaho. He picked up a camera to express his love of the outdoors in 1987 and his passion for photography led him eventually to Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA where he studied outdoor portrait photography. He moved to Boise, ID in 1998 where he started his portrait studio, Jon Ball Photography. ​

Selling Jon Ball Photography in 2005 he moved his family of 5 to San Clemente, California to take over for world renowned portrait photographer Phillip Stewart Charis. The economic crash of 2008 later forced Jon to give up the studio and return to Boise. Leaving portrait photography behind at that time Jon then started Page One Power, an internet marketing agency, with his brother Zach and he continues to build that business today. ​

Jon's initial love of photography was walking with his camera in the natural landscape. Upon ceasing his portrait career, Jon rekindled his love of landscape photography. Jon has since built a strong portfolio of landscape and urban photography with his Leica S, Leica M7 and a 1920’s era 5x7’ large format camera.

Jon’s work has often been described as enigmatic, graceful and hauntingly beautiful. He seeks to display a personal vision of the landscape with the most basic of elements of photography; film, camera and darkroom.

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